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General Terms & Conditions

Defects on devices or dishes

Obvious defects, whether they be from production or transport, have to be announced to SHINWAZEN until one weeks after delivery at the latest. Hidden defects that are discovered only later on have to be announced immediately. SHINWAZEN will either repair these defects or replace the purchased goods upon its sole discretion and with mutual approval with the client. If neither repair nor replacement is possible under the given circumstances, SHINWAZEN will return the full purchase price.

Any proper, undamaged goods can under no circumstances be given back or exchanged. The above mentioned goods are, if they are stored in the right way, almost unperishable. If in any odd case it should happen one time that any goods delivered to you by SHINWAZEN are unenjoyable (e.g. because of moisture or strange aromas), please contact us immediately. Our bio products are not chemically treated at all. Despite of meticulous control on all levels, a worm or fungi attack is not totally impossible to happen. If this should be the case, please contact SHINWAZEN immediately.

Payment of goods
Please pay the received goods within thirty days from the date of the bill with the invoice that is joined or by using its reference number. For late payments, SHINWAZEN is allowed to ask 10. - CHF for the second demand note and for the third 30. - CHF plus 1% of interest per month. According to circumstances, SHINWAZEN can insist on advance payment. Payments by credit card are treated with the highest possible security standards.

Data protection
SHINWAZEN saves your coordinates like your address and the order-specific information in order to properly process your order. SHINWAZEN does under no circumstances hand out any of these data to any third party. Sole exception is the card proof with credit card payments. Equally, SHINWAZEN does not receive or accept any data from third parties, except for customer wishes resp. customer recommendation.